Statement on the Houthi attack, which killed over 100 worshipers and injured more than 100 others in Marib, Yemen

Statement on the Houthi attack and war crime perpetrated this past Saturday, which killed over 100 worshipers and injured more than 100 others in Marib, Yemen

January 21, 2020

The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Washington, DC, strongly condemns the most recent Houthi war crime perpetrated this past Saturday, which killed 111 worshipers and injured more than 100 others. The Iran-backed Houthi militias launched three ballistic missiles at a mosque in Al Meil during Magreb prayers, in violation of the Geneva Convention and all international human rights law. The Houthis deliberately targeted a place of worship during prayer time to maximize fatalities in direct contravention of all international human rights law, making this atrocity a clear war crime.

Since the Houthis violently overthrew Sana’a in 2014, they have committed 738 violations against places of worship and worshipers, causing the full or partial destruction of 73 mosques. These violations include the bombing, shelling, and looting of mosques, as well as detention of imams and the conversion of mosques into military barracks.

“The Iran-backed Houthis committed an egregious war crime when they targeted worshipers during prayer time,” said Ambassador of Yemen to the US, Ahmed Awad BinMubarak. “The Geneva Convention and international human rights law forbid this inhumane kind of attack on places of worship. The United Nations and international community must condemn this barbaric attack, and take action to ensure the Houthis do not get away with such blatant disregard for human life and international law.”

The Houthis have violated international law thousands of times since they stormed the capital of Yemen in 2014. The United Nations has documented proof of Houthi recruitment of child soldiers, diversion of humanitarian aid, landmine contamination, civilian targeting and countless other violations of human rights. Yemen’s Ministry of Human Rights urges the United Nations and the UN Security Council to issue a binding resolution against the Houthi militias to cease all violations, especially those against places of worship. Further, the UN must do more to protect places of worship at risk during war.


Statement on US Seizure of Iranian Weapons Bound for Yemen

The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen Denounces Iran’s Continued Illegal Transfer of Arms to Houthi Militias, Recognizes United States’ Support for Peace and Security in Yemen

December 6, 2019

The Embassy of Yemen in Washington, D.C., emphatically denounces Iran’s illegal transfer of arms and weapon components to the Houthi militias in Yemen. The US Department of State announced yesterday that on November 25th, a US Navy warship seized advanced missile parts from an Iranian boat headed to Yemen in brazen disregard for international law. These parts include anti-ship cruise missiles, land-attack cruise missiles, air defense missiles, and anti-tank missiles. The Embassy welcomes the continued support of the United States in combating the Iran-backed Houthi militias and broader Iranian aggression on the Arabian Peninsula.

“Iran has sought to destabilize Yemen for years by supplying sophisticated weaponry and training to the Houthi militias, one of many Iranian terrorist proxies in the region who share their hateful ideology,” said Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen Dr. Ahmed Awad BinMubarak. “The United Nations has prohibited Iran from supplying any of its proxies with weapons, yet Iran continues to violate international law with its campaign of violent imperialism. The Government of Yemen will never allow an Iranian terrorist proxy to threaten its people, and we appreciate the United States’ support in combating this Iranian aggression.”

Iran has provided financial, military and political support to the Houthi rebels since the beginning of the conflict. The UN and other international observers have extensively documented the transfer of Iranian weapon technology and military training to Houthi militias. Iran has smuggled illegal sea mine and landmine components, ballistic missile parts, drone devices and technology, and a massive amount of conventional weaponry and munitions into the arms of the Houthi militias.

The technology and arms in these illegal shipments have becoming more advanced and sophisticated over time, and this most recent seizure showcased the most advanced missile technology sent to Yemen to date, according to Brian Hook, US State Department Special Envoy to Iran.

As Hook explains, “Iran is trying to prolong Yemen’s conflict. The Yemeni people have suffered far too long, and Iran has no legitimate interest in Yemen.”

Embassy of the Republic of Yemen Strongly Condemns Houthis and Urges International Community to Act Against the Houthis Abduction and Detention of Yemeni Journalists, Politicians, Academics, and Activists

Embassy of the Republic of Yemen Strongly Condemns Houthis and Urges International Community to Act Against the Houthis Abduction and Detention of Yemeni Journalists, Politicians, Academics, and Activists.

November 15, 2019

The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Washington, D.C., reaffirms its categorical denunciation of the Iran-backed Houthi militias’ abduction and detention of Yemeni journalists, academics, politicians, and activists for their political beliefs. In May 2019, the Houthis sentenced 16 journalists to death on completely false allegations (as the Embassy noted in its tweet on May 10, 2019, and its letter to the Committee to Protect Journalists). Just two months later, in July 2019 Houthi militias sentenced another 30 innocent Yemenis to death for alleged affiliation with a rival political party. These and other sentences are a gross violation of human rights and the right to due process for all Yemenis. Since then, all of these innocent Yemenis have been held in captivity in miserable conditions, suffering beatings and torture at the hand of their Houthi captors.

Recently, the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Washington, D.C., has received many letters by international NGOs and concerned activists who have called for an immediate release of all prisoners, abductees and those who were forcibly disappeared by the Houthi militias.

“These letters from concerned individuals and organizations demonstrate the world’s desire to see these political prisoners freed from captivity,” said Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen Dr. Ahmed Awab BinMubarak. The Iran-backed Houthi militias continue to violate the basic human rights of those within their territory, and they have failed to uphold the release of all political prisoners, a critical component of the Stockholm Agreement.”

The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (UNOHCHR) issued a statement in July confirming that the 30 Houthi prisoners were “subjected to arbitrary or unlawful detention, as well as torture and other ill-treatment in custody.” This atrocity must not be allowed to continue.

The government of Yemen calls on UN Security-General António Guterres and the international community to exercise the necessary and maximum pressure on the Houthi militias to stop their illegal trials of political prisoners and to immediately release all prisoners in accordance with the Stockholm Agreement and the related UN Security Council Resolutions.

Statement on the Riyadh Agreement

Statement on the Riyadh Agreement

November 5th, 2019 – WASHINGTON, DC

The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen welcomes the Riyadh Agreement as an important step to preserving the Yemeni state and restoring government institutions in the interim capital of Aden. This agreement will be conducive for a new era of stability and to foster a deeper domestic engagement for the Government of H.E. President Hadi to serve the people of Yemen and to help bring our country closer to peace. The Riyadh Agreement will act as a roadmap to finding a peaceful, political solution to the broader conflict in Yemen.

“With this agreement, all Yemenis will continue to enjoy equal rights and representation under a new Cabinet, ushering in a new phase of stability, security, and development,” said Ambassador His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Awad BinMubarak“.

The role of state authorities and institutions has been reaffirmed, all forms of discrimination have been renounced, and now we can get back to resolving the conflict that was started by the Iran-backed Houthi militias.”

The Embassy reiterates the profound appreciation of the legitimate Government of Yemen to our friend and partner, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for their indispensable efforts in brokering this agreement. Moreover, their international leadership has been crucial in confronting the malign influence of Iran and providing relief to the people of Yemen.

The Yemeni government will stand united in our efforts to end the Iranian-backed Houthi coup and bring an end to the conflict. Military forces from across the spectrum and from all groups will be incorporated together and consolidated under the exclusive command & control of the authorities of the legitimate Government of Yemen, which will save our country from those who have done so much harm to it.

All resources will now be directed into supporting the national interest and paving the way in securing a better and more prosperous future for all of Yemen.

Statement Issued by The Presidential Office of the Republic of Yemen

Statement Issued by

The Presidential Office of the Republic of Yemen

August 29, 2019

The armed rebel militias went out and attacked all state institutions and camps in the temporary capital Aden with the support, funding, and planning of the United Arab Emirates. They then expanded towards Lahj and Abyan governorates, storming state institutions and military camps until they reached Shabwa (the land of Osan, Qataban and Hemiar), where their ambitions were heroically resisted by the determined and valiant units of our national army and tribes, which resulted in the cleansing of Shabwah from the outlawed militias.

I then directed for a general amnesty to all members of the so-called Shabwani Elite forces and ordered to accommodate them within the Army and Security Units. All are Yemenis, and I was and still keen on including them all.

Unfortunately, the United Arab Emirates has exploited the current circumstances to sway them against the legitimate state institutions. However, many stood by the units of the National Army to liberate the entire Abyan governorate and continued to the gates of Aden, where the world witnessed the great popular support for them from the people of Aden.

However, we were surprised by the UAE’s air raids against citizens and members of our National Army within populated neighborhoods in Aden, which led forces to withdraw to spare Aden and its people the consequences of the insane destruction by the militias of the so-called Southern Transitional Council, supported by an air cover and military raids from United Arab Emirates aircrafts.

We were further surprised when United Arab Emirates aircrafts carried out strikes on Thursday morning, August 29, 2019, killing dozens of soldiers (who are now martyrs) and wounding many others in Abyan and Aden, accompanied by campaigns of incursions, arrests and even extrajudicial executions of wounded in some hospitals in Abyan.

Our fateful battle today is the battle to defend the unity, integrity, and stability of the homeland of the forefathers and future Yemenis in Federal Yemen. There cannot be as a consequence of the collective determination of our brothers in the Arab battle against Iran, any rupture to our country!

I have directed all Government institutions to take all necessary measures at various levels to face this blatant targeting against our country and its territorial integrity.

The weapons and arsenal of Iran and its militias could not intimidate us, nor will we be intimidated by the warplanes targeting our land. We will reclaim Aden and reinstate its legitimate institutions, which will bring us closer to liberating Sana’a and defeating the Iranian-Houthi agenda, which is now the biggest beneficiary of the disruption of the state and its legitimate functions.

I call on ALL Yemenis to stand steadfast by the national army in its decisive battle to reject all the regional and devious agendas for divisions, so that we move forward towards the future and a new Yemen, based on justice, equality, and development. The new federal Yemen will not exclude anyone!

On behalf of all our Yemeni people, I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our partners of victory and destiny, the leader of the Arab Coalition. We reiterate our call on them to intervene to stop this blatant interference of supporting those militias and using aerial bombardment against our armed forces.

Statement By the Government of Yemen On The Aerial Bombardment Undertaken By The United Arab Emirates Against The Troops Of The Legitimate Government In The Interim Capital Aden

Statement By the Government of Yemen On The Aerial Bombardment Undertaken By The United Arab Emirates Against The Troops Of The Legitimate Government In The Interim Capital Aden

August 29, 2019

The Government of the Republic of Yemen condemns the aerial bombardment undertaken by the united Arab emirates against the troops of the legitimate government in the interim capital Aden and environs of the city and also in the city of Zinjibar in the governorate of Abyan which resulted in deaths and injuries among innocent civilians and from our valiant armed forces.

We hold the UAE fully responsible for this blatant assault which is inconsistent with law and international legal instruments.

We renew our demand that UAE stops all kinds of financial and military support to all military formations outside the control of the state and rule of law.

We appeal to the brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its wise leadership as the leader of the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen to stand aside by the legitimate government and stop this illegal and unjustified military escalation.

The government of Yemen reserves its legal right guaranteed by international law and by the charter of the United Nations to take all measures required to stop this dangerous assault and escalation

We call on the international community especially the security council to condemn this blatant assault and to carry out its responsibility in preserving the security, peace, unity, and integrity of all Yemen pursuant to all the relevant international resolutions.

A Statement by the Government of Yemen regarding the Yemeni Armed Forces operations supported by the Arab Coalition Forces at the west coast of Yemen

   The Government of the Republic of Yemen affirms that the operations of the Yemeni Armed Forces supported by the Arab Coalition forces at the Yemeni west coast areas are intended to liberate them from the control of the putschists (Houthi/Saleh forces).

  The Gvernment stresses that liberating areas under the control of the Houthi/Saleh forces is at the core of the Government’s responsibility and duty to protect its citizens, and is aimed at alleviating the suffering of the Yemeni people in these areas by putting an end to the grave human rights violations committed by the putschists, including arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances, forced child and youth recruitments, unlawful killings, denial of aid access, and bombing of residential houses.

  The Government stresses that the Houthi/Saleh forces continue their practices of hindering delivery and access of humanitarian assistance and aid by intercepting humanitarian shipments, including shipments of food and fuel, coming via Al Hudaydah’s port and selling them to the black market to support their war campaign, while disregarding the fact that Yemeni people at these areas suffer the most from famine.

  The Government further stresses that it is providing necessary relief and revitalization of vital facilities in the city of Al Mokha and other cities at the coast of the Red Sea in cooperation with King Salman Center and other relevant humanitarian organizations. These areas were liberated from the control of the putschists after they used them to smuggle weapons and pose threats against international maritime navigation.

  The Government has called citizens of Al Mokha city to come back after special units of the Yemeni Armed Forces swept the city and removed land mines left by the Houthi/Saleh forces.