Embassy’s Support for Yemeni Communities in the USA

Just like any Embassy anywhere around the world, the Embassy and its Consulate are there to serve its immigrant or expatriate community for particular administrative affairs emanating domestically or for political, economic and immigration concerns impinging on bilateral matters. Indeed, the Embassy & Consulate engages with the US Government Bodies to address legitimate concerns of its citizens living in the USA that impact bilateral relations and in the interest of developing positive and productive outcomes for its citizenry so that political, security and economic interactions are further enhanced between our two countries. 

Yemeni communities are dispersed across the USA from coast-to-coast; and the extent of their Congressional outreach is growing. Members of those communities are encouraged to harness mechanisms of engagement with their respective Member of Congress to address their particular local issues and to establish an ongoing channel of communication with Congress in order to deepen their relationship, to give voice to their issues with the US Congress and which will have dividends for their concerns – and by extension help to improve US domestic and foreign policy towards Yemen or the country of origin of its American nationals.