Establishing a Friends of Yemen Caucus in the US Congress

When it comes to Yemen, there has never been (neither formal nor informal) a congressional caucus (or coalition, study group, task force, working group, etc., ) registered or associated for diplomatic tendencies vis-à-vis Yemen. With the presence of a significant and growing Yemeni-American community in the USA – with constituencies largely concentrated in California, Illinois, Michigan, and New York (as well as other constituencies strewn throughout the USA) across Districts represented by both Democratic and Republican Party Members of Congress – the Embassy strongly encourages the US House of Representatives and US Senate to establish a diplomatic Congressional Member Organization (CMO) that concerns Yemen, whether it is formal or informal in makeup.  Since there already are CMOs for Egypt, Iraq, Sudan & South Sudan, Tunisia (among others), we hope that there can also soon be a “Yemen CMO” in the near future.