Yemen’s Strategic Partnership with United States in War Against Terrorism

The Republic of Yemen has been and continues to be a strategic & stalwart partner of the United States in the fight against global terrorism and violent extremism. The US Government has been closely consulting and collaborating with Yemen for many years to combat terrorist activity that threatens Yemen, the region and the United States – and which has had a causal nexus to Yemen’s underlying instability.

However, there is no destitution to Yemen’s determination for combating terrorism (whether indigenous in nature or exogenous in origin) so that it is wholly routed and retreated from Yemen’s society and territory. In terms of counterterrorism efforts, the Yemeni government’s resolve and readiness havebeen evidently demonstrated to the US Government, and in spite of the current conflict with the Houthi Forces.
(Please see Embassy Report: “Yemen Efforts in the Fight Against Terrorism”)

Most recently, US military strikes and kinetic raids have been undertaken in Yemen in close cooperation and joint special operations with Yemen’s Government to decimate suspected terrorist strongholds of AQAP; and in order to gather any intelligence to thwart any other plans or capacities to harm the United States or its allies.

The Yemeni Government seeks to continue providing its unflinching support to the United States with the new Administration as it has done for numerous years with its predecessors to rid Yemen of these malignant groups. Moreover, by maintaining our close consultation and intimate cooperation, we will achieve further successes together and minimize risks to US military personnel and Yemeni security forces. Furthermore, the Yemen Government will continue to exert along with its regional partners all possible counterterrorism efforts as has been successfully rendered previously.