God the Almighty has endowed Yemen with a diverse and beautiful terrain offering a wide variety of climates and landscapes to its visitor, from plains, high mountains, basins and fertile valleys, to hills, highlands, beaches, and deserts.

This topographic diversity led to unique cultural diversity manifested in the social customs of locals, their clothing, their heritage, in addition to the diversity of the antiquarian output of each region resulting from Yemen’s long civilizational history. This rich heritage positions Yemen as a cultural capital, regionally and internationally.

​Tourism in Yemen is a promising sector, since Yemen is one of the traditional cradles of civilization and possesses a wide variety of natural and historic attractions that make it a tourist landmark. This is evidenced by the diversity of Yemen’s architecture, including architectural models unparalleled in the world.

Yemen’s diverse coastal strip lies along two seas — the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea, and offers magnificent locations for recreation and Scuba diving. Yemen also possesses islands and archipelagos endowed with dazzling natural features.

​The data available on Yemen’s tourism sector indicates an expansion in tourist facilities, bringing the number of hotels at the end of the year 2006 to 1,166. One-star hotels represent more than 50% of the total number of hotels. The average tourist stay is six nights, and the average tourist expenditure per night is $135 US dollars, making Yemen an attractive option for budget travel.