Congressional Affairs Office

The fundamental role of the Congressional Affairs Office (CAO) of the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Washington, DC is to engage with the United States Congress in both the House of Representatives and Senate so as to forge new ties and to deepen already existing connections in all of the offices and relevant committees of the honorable Members of Congress so that all contacts and communications are appropriately maintained and all information is imparted aimed at the promotion and strengthening of US-Yemeni Political/Military/Security/Economic bilateral relations. In this regard, the CAO also works with all Embassy Departments to address all issues and concerns about Yemen that is touched upon by the US Congress.

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How to contact us?

Mr. Adonis Fakhri

Executive Adviser 

Phone: (202) 965-4761, Ext. 310

Fax: (202) 337-2017

Email: [email protected]