Greetings from the Cultural Office in Washington, DC! 

The Cultural Office extends its warmest greetings to the students who are in the United States in pursuit of higher education and professional training.

Transitioning to life and study in a foreign country is not easy; however, we can help ensure that time spent studying in the United States is rewarding and successful, both personally and academically.

If you are a Yemeni citizen studying in the United States, whether you are sponsored by a governmental scholarship or a self-sponsored student, we urge you to keep in touch with the Cultural Office. We provide several services to assist each student in navigating his/her path to academic success.

The Cultural Office’s section contains information and guidance regarding topics of interest for new and continuing students, including general procedures and requirements relevant to student scholarships. We also provide information on US immigration regulations, institutional accreditation, authentication of academic documents, US institutions and programs approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHE), and other useful information. As an academic resource, we will authenticate your documents and advise you on the accreditation of an institution or a program.

The Cultural Office works with MOHE-sponsored students in the United States. We provide students at the undergraduate and graduate levels with services such as scholarship disbursement, academic monitoring and advising, as well as ensuring the general welfare while enrolled in a program of study.

We advise you to fill in the Student Form. We will retain your information in order to better assist you in the event of an emergency, and to keep you posted with any news.

For further information regarding the services provided by the Cultural Office in Washington, DC, please email  [email protected]

We wish each of you a very successful educational experience, wherever you are in the United States.