Invest in Yemen

Yemen is an open economy that welcomes foreign direct investment in all sectors. Its well-qualified workforce and strategic position in the south of the Arabian Peninsula make it an attractive place for investment. There are a number of investment opportunities that exist in Yemen.

Yemen enjoys a number of natural advantages to attract investments, particularly in the tourism sector. Yemen’s varied topography, with beautiful landscapes and diverse climates from the coastal mountains to the interior desert, make it a promising place for tourism investment, especially when one is aware of the fact that the country is an untapped market and is diversifying into a broad spectrum of economic activities.

Attractive investment opportunities also exist in other sectors in Yemen, from petroleum and mining to agriculture and the manufacturing sector. To advance economic diversification and develop public and private investment in strategic sectors, the government has identified various investment opportunities and implementation objectives to make them accessible to Yemeni, Arab, and foreign investors at the local and international levels.

Whether you are considering establishing your own Yemeni operation, working with a Yemeni partner, or gaining a Yemeni base for access to the Gulf markets, Yemen is a low-cost, competitive place to do business. We encourage you to do additional research into the Yemeni economy and see for yourself the progress and potential of the country.