How to apply for a government scholarship:

  • If you are already enrolled at a US educational institution, you need the following documents:
  1. A copy of your Yemeni passport
  2. A copy of your high school diploma/ Thanwaya Amma if you are an undergraduate student, or a copy of your Bachelor’s degree/ Master’s degree if you are a graduate student.
  3. An official enrollment letter if you have not yet completed any previous semesters, or an official transcript issued by your educational institution stating your GPA if you have completed one or more semesters.
  4. A letter in Arabic or English that states your major, your address, your email, and your cell phone number.
  • Send the above documents to the Cultural Office vis US mail.
  • Upon receipt of your documents, we will authenticate the official documents from your educational institution and issue a cover letter to the MoHE requesting a scholarship on your behalf. We then return all your documents by mail to the address you provided.
  • You are required to send all documents to the MoHE in Sana’a, and follow up with your application.

P.S. Neither the Yemen Embassy nor the Cultural office grants scholarships; decisions are made by the Ministry of Higher Education in Yemen.