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Press Release: On the Houthis Pervasive & Deliberate Diversion of Humanitarian Aid in Yemen.

May 20, 2019
  WASHINGTON, D.C., May 20, 2019 The Embassy of the Republic of Yemen today calls upon the United Nations to...
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ADEN, TAIZ-SABA Knowledge-increase discussions held in Dar Sa'ad district of Aden city on Friday evening. 28 of young activists engaged in deliberation about special importance attached to the city of Aden in the National Dialogue's Outcomes (NDO). A similar discussions took place in the city of Taiz where 31 of Yemen men and women gathered to discuss the Sustainable Development issue in the NDOs. These discussions organized by the Office of Minister of State charged following up the implementation of NDOs.

MADRID-SABA Yemen's Ambassador to Madrid NabealMaysari has made it clear that the Yemeni government has been very keen on establishing peace that is based on the three well known terms of reference including GCC's Initiative, its executive mechanism, outcomes of National Dialogue and International Security Council resolutions, namely 2216. His statement came as he lectured an audience on Friday at Arab House affiliated to Spanish Foreign Ministry. Maysari cited Iran-allied Houthi militia's violations against civilians, explaining the militia's rejection to implement International Security Council's resolutions and Stockholm Agreement brokered by the UN.

LONDON-SABA Minister of Information Muamer al-Iryani blamed Iran-allied Houthi militia for trying to get around the implementation of Stockholm Agreement. He said " Houthi militia killed the hope that Stockholm Agreement produced for the Yemeni peoples who are desperately looking forward to see an end of the war the militia triggered". As he met on Friday with the Labor Party member of parliament Gorham Jones, al-Iryani explained the government's vision of peace and its reaction to the Houthi militia's unilateral withdrawal from Hodeidah seaports. He described Houthi's self-claim of unilateral withdrawal as an attempt aimed to mislead the International Community. The Minister touched upon Houthi militia's violations and military escalations ever since Stockholm Agreement's truce put into its effects. He also cited the government's efforts to mitigate humanitarian crisis, reinstate basic services and manage economic hardships created by Iran-allied Houthi militia's coup and war. The British MP voiced his support for official leadership in Yemen headed by President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

MAREB-SABA Sana'a Governor General Abdulqawi Sharif discussed Thursday with Sana'a Alliance for Relief and Development displaced people's humanitarian situations from Sana'a here over heavy rains and storms swept their camps and mud houses. The Director of the Alliance Amin Ashami talked about problems facing the displaced people under current conditions and quick help they need. Sharif called on the local and international humanitarian organizations for quick interventions and help to the displaced people. Thanking the alliance for helping the displaced people, the governor confirmed that the local authority will provide necessary support to the alliance for carrying its activities.

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