A Statement by the Government of Yemen regarding the Yemeni Armed Forces operations supported by the Arab Coalition Forces at the west coast of Yemen

   The Government of the Republic of Yemen affirms that the operations of the Yemeni Armed Forces supported by the Arab Coalition forces at the Yemeni west coast areas are intended to liberate them from the control of the putschists (Houthi/Saleh forces).

  The Gvernment stresses that liberating areas under the control of the Houthi/Saleh forces is at the core of the Government’s responsibility and duty to protect its citizens, and is aimed at alleviating the suffering of the Yemeni people in these areas by putting an end to the grave human rights violations committed by the putschists, including arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances, forced child and youth recruitments, unlawful killings, denial of aid access, and bombing of residential houses.

  The Government stresses that the Houthi/Saleh forces continue their practices of hindering delivery and access of humanitarian assistance and aid by intercepting humanitarian shipments, including shipments of food and fuel, coming via Al Hudaydah’s port and selling them to the black market to support their war campaign, while disregarding the fact that Yemeni people at these areas suffer the most from famine.

  The Government further stresses that it is providing necessary relief and revitalization of vital facilities in the city of Al Mokha and other cities at the coast of the Red Sea in cooperation with King Salman Center and other relevant humanitarian organizations. These areas were liberated from the control of the putschists after they used them to smuggle weapons and pose threats against international maritime navigation.

  The Government has called citizens of Al Mokha city to come back after special units of the Yemeni Armed Forces swept the city and removed land mines left by the Houthi/Saleh forces.

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