Statement On Declaration for the Implementation of the Riyadh Agreement

Statement On Declaration for the Implementation of the Riyadh Agreement

July 29, 2020

The Government of Yemen welcomes the statement issued by yesterday the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding the proposed mechanism to accelerate the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement. The Government of Yemen has expressed its readiness to fully implementing the Riyadh Agreement that had been agreed with the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

Moreover, the Government of Yemen reiterates its profound gratitude to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia both for the substantial efforts exerted to establish the Riyadh Agreement; and going forward to execute (as expeditiously as possible) the Riyadh Agreement with the new mechanism.

For many months, the Yemeni Government had engaged responsibly in the face of the consequences of the August 2019 military escalation and has responded positively to all efforts to reach the Riyadh Agreement in November 2019, whose provisions the government has been keen on fully carrying out and in its commitments.

The Yemeni Government had already adhered to and pursued its obligations under the Riyadh Agreement and implemented all parameters governing the military and security side, all of which were agreed upon with the supervision of our brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Fortunately, the STC has finally reacted positively to the exhortations of the Government of Yemen, the Arab Coalition, the Arab League, and the United Nations Security Council, including with the prudent pronouncement stated yesterday by the STC to abrogate and abandon its decision for “self-administration” in southern parts of Yemen – which had been an adversarial maneuver and an adverse measure that also greatly exacerbated the Riyadh Agreement and further aggravated instability in Yemen. The international community has repeatedly asserted the imperative for maintaining the unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the Republic of Yemen.

The time is now for all parties to entirely work in good faith with the Government of Yemen under the leadership of His Excellency President Hadi, and to ensure the complete success to the Riyadh Agreement without any hindrances. This comprises exercising confidence in the Prime Minister for forming a new government derived from all parties (including the STC) and also engaging positively with the appointments of the new Governor of Aden and new Head of the Police in Aden.

The Government of Yemen calls on our Yemeni people everywhere to close ranks and to strengthen our national cohesion and to defeat any attempts to harm the homeland and to stand with the state and the legitimate government against all forms of armed rebellion and coups which threaten Yemen and its vital unity. Our energies must be mobilized together as one to end this long conflict, to reach a secure and sustainable peace, and to ultimately achieve long-term recovery.

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