The Government of Yemen’s Rejects Declaration by the Southern Transitional Council for Self-Administration in South of Yemen

The so-called Southern Transitional Council by announcing what it called “self-rule of the south” blew up all the efforts made months ago to implement the Riyadh agreement, and to address the repercussions of the armed rebellion in early August.

 This announcement is a clear rebellion against the legitimate government, a clear coup against the Riyadh agreement, and a continuation of the armed rebellion against the state in August 2019, an attempt to escape the repercussions of failure to provide anything to citizens in Aden who are suffering from the flames of crises, and the lack of services after the complete disruption of state institutions, the seizure of these institutions and preventing the government from performing its duties.

 The Yemeni government has dealt with full responsibility with the repercussions of the August coup and responded to the efforts of the brothers to contain the repercussions and to reach the Riyadh agreement, which the government was keen on implementing all of its provisions, and it carried out its duties despite clear intransigence and preventing it from performing its duties by what is called the transitional council and it implemented all that it had to on the military and security side, according to the matrix which was agreed upon with the kind patronage of brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which the transitional council rebelled against by preventing government forces from implementing it using military force, in addition to  Media campaigns that incite against the state, against the brothers, and against the Riyadh agreement.

 We hold the Transitional Council and its leaders who are in Abu Dhabi fully responsible for not implementing the provisions of the Riyadh Agreement leading to the complete coup against state institutions in the interim capital of Aden according to their statement issued yesterday, Saturday, April 25, 2020 AD and signed by Aidros Al-Zubaidi.

 While we hold the transitional council responsible for the consequences of this declaration which comes at a time when the members of our national army are achieving heroic epics on all fronts to confront the Houthi coup which constitutes clear support for the Houthi militia in its war against the Yemeni people, we affirm the ability of the heroes and leadership of our valiant national army to defend our unity, safety, sovereignty, national integrity and its protect it from any plans aimed at undermining it and tearing it apart under the forged labels and flimsy pretexts.

 We renew our call to the brothers in the Alliance to Support Legitimacy to shoulder their historical responsibilities towards the territorial integrity and unity of the Republic of Yemen, and to support the Yemeni government and people in protecting and preserving them from any destructive plans or projects.

 We also call on the international community, the United Nations, the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Gulf Cooperation Council to condemn this coup against the state and its institutions and support the legitimate government, to implement Security Council resolutions affirming the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Yemen.

 The government salutes the state of the national consensus from all governorates, in particular the local authorities in the southern governorates, and from all the political parties and components and all the Yemeni people in various governorates who confirmed their rejection of these reckless steps, it confirms that it will remain faithful to its people and will work with all its efforts to continue to provide services and preserve the security and safety of citizens and countering the rebellion because these militias represent only themselves and do not represent the people of the South who embody national unity with their courageous and witnessed positions.

 We call on our Yemeni people wherever they are to align together and enhance the national cohesion to deter any attempts to harm the unity of the country, reject what was declared by the transitional council and stand with the state in the face of all forms of rebellion and coup and sensing the threats to Yemen’s soil and people by the Iranian tides and its various arms and to mobilize capacities to counter that and not be drawn into irresponsible reckless acts.