November 16, 2018
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  Feb 2016

End fund team

Ambassador Dr. Ahmed Binmubarend fundak with End Fund Team ,discussing their expected Health programs in Yemen.


March 2016

Meeting with Amideast Country Director

Ambassdor Ahmed Awad Bin Mubark met with Mr. Edward Prados the Country Director of AMIDEAST  in Yemen  in order to continue their educational programs .  AMIDEAST has played a vital role in facilitating educational programs between the United States and Yemen for over 50 years.

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Media Center

Our mission is to educate and update the US government and American public on the latest bilateral Yemeni-American issues. The office monitors news coverage of events which is of interest to both nations. This section serves to inform the readership on current developments in Yemen. The responsibilities of the Media and Public Affairs office encompass representing and acting as the Embassy’s spokesperson whereby we are able to respond to U.S. and international press inquiries, assisting Embassy officials in preparation for briefings as well as facilitating media interviews, journalist visits and other activities with both Yemeni Government and Embassy officials. We always welcome your inquires, comments and requests for information. 


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