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With the completion of all constitutional steps, the division of Yemen into two separate states had ended for good. Since then, the Yemeni people began to aspire for socio-economic development and unity building and significant progress toward democracy, promoting Human Rights principles, ensuring women's participation in political, economical, and social life has been made. 


The tangible achievements have been realized under the guidance of His Excellency the President of the Republic Ali Abdullah Saleh and attributed to the sincere efforts and the hard work of this proud nation.

Yemen has the honor of being the first country in the Arabian Peninsula to:


  • - Give women the right to vote
    - Have elected women as Members of Parliament
    - Appoint a woman as Minister for Human Rights
    - Appoint a woman as an Ambassador to Holland
    - Establish the National Supreme Committee for Human Rights headed by the   .    Yemeni Prime Minister
    - Establish the Ministry for Human Rights headed by a woman Minister
    - Establish the Supreme Committee for the National elections, the first independent elections body in the Middle East.

Over the past decade, the Yemeni Government has continued to demonstrate its commitment to democracy. In 1990, following the unification, a multi-party political system was established and in 1993 an independent electoral commission was formed.

The section below will be updated regularly with new information on Democracy, Humans Rights and Women's Issues in Yemen. 

Ambassador Al-Hajjri meets with Congressman Ed Towns

Posted by Congress Office on 2009-01-28 12:48:40 EST

The Ambassador of Yemen Abdulwahab Al-Hajjri met with House Representative Congressman Ed Towns (D-NY) on Wednesday January 14th, 2009 to discuss the situation of Yemeni Jews in response to the Congressman's concern on the safety of the Yemeni Jews during the current turbulences in Gaza. The Ambassador assured the congressman that the government of Yemen is taking all the necessary steps to protect the Yemeni Jews from any backlash against them, and that the government of Yemen is vigilant on protecting and prosecuting those who are implementing fear and crime among citizens.

The Ambassador also updated the Congressman on the meeting that the President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh had with the Yemeni Jewish community leaders last month, whereas the President assured them that The Government of Yemen will take all the necessary measures to guarantee their security and safety. Furthermore, the President of Yemen emphasized that Yemeni Jews are an indispensable part of the Yemeni society, highlighting that all Yemeni citizens have equal rights in the constitution regardless of their religion.


Yemeni SCER Chairmen heads a delegation to Washington D.C.

Posted by Congress Office on 2008-12-28 02:16:23 EST

2008-11-01 ::(Congressional Affairs Office)- Supreme Commission for Election & Referendum Chairman Khalid Al-Sharef headed a Yemeni delegation invited to Washington by the International Foundation for Electoral System to observe the 2008 U.S Election.

The delegation was invited to a luncheon hosted at the Ambassadorís residence where they met with the staff of the Embassy and discussed the U.S. election observation program.

The Embassy organized meetings between Al-Sharef and representatives from the U.S. State department. Al-Sharef met with Ms. Erika Barks Ruggles; Deputy Assistant Secretary from the Bureau of Democracy and Human Rights and Labor and Mr. Kent Patten from the Middle East Partnership Initiative. Important key points were discussed such as the upcoming election in Yemen, SCERís role and commitment to improve the registration and observation process, importance of continuing US aid in governance and democracy in Yemen and appreciation from the Yemeni government to the US role in supporting international organizations in Yemen such as IFES and NDI.


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