Who's Who....

In the Embassy

Who's Who...

In the Republic of Yemen


Chargé d'affaires
   Adel Alsunaini


Defense Attaché
Staff BG, Mohammed Zeid Ibrahem
Cultural Attaché

Dr. Fahd Al-Shaebi

Press Attaché


 Mohammed Al-Basha


Political Office

Amatalsalam Alshami


Financial & Administrative Officer 
  Wael Al-Shehary 

Detainees & Human Rights Officer

Asmaa Katah


Economic & Commercial  Officer


 Abdulrahman Al-eryani




 Safaa Hady

  Congressional Officer
 Loaai Al-Akwaa

Information Officer

Abdulmajid Al-Shehari



Assistant to Chargé d'affaires

Lubnah Alattas

Assistant to the Financial & Administrative Officer
Maryam Saad
 Assistant to the Culture Attaché
  Oginy Ibrahim
Assistant to the Consul
  Malika Bendoumali
Assistant to the Defense Attaché
  Mouna Saad

To contact a department, just click on the appropriate title from the top list.

Field Marshall Abdu Rabu Mansour HADI
President of the Republic of Yemen




Speaker of the House

   Yahya AL-RAEI


Prime Minister

   Muhammad Salim BASINDWAH


Minister of Interior

   Major General AbdulQadir QAHTAN


Minister of Planning and International Cooperation

   Dr. Muhammad al-SAADI


Minister of Information

   Ali Ahmad Muhammad al-AMRANI


Minister of Foreign Affairs

   Dr. Abu Bakr Abdallah al-QIRBI


Minister of Youth and Sports

   Mu'ammar al-IRYANI


Minister of Legal Affairs

   Dr. Muhammad Ahmad al-MIKHLAFI


Minister of Education

  Dr. Abd al-Razaq al-ASHWAL


Minister of Social Securities and Civil Services

   Nabil Abdu SHAMSAN


Minister of State for Parliament and Shoura Affairs

   Dr. Rashad Ahmad al-RASAS


Minister of Defense

  Major General Muhammad Nasir Ahmad ALI


Minister of Public Health and Population

   Dr. Ahmad Qasim al-ANISI


Minister of Trade & Industry

   Saad al-Din Ali Salim bin TALIB


Minister of Fisheries

   Engineer Awadh al-SUQUTRI



Minister of Justice

   Judge Murshid al-ARSHANI


Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research

   Dr. Yahya al-SHUAYBI


Minister of Labor and Social Affairs

   Dr. Amat al-Razaq Ali HAMAD


Minister of Tourism

   Pending Appointment


Minister of Public Works, Urban Development

   Engineer Umar Abdallah al-KARASHMI


Minister of Water and Environment

   Abd al-Salaam RAZAZ


Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources

   Engineer Hisham Sharaf ABDALLAH


Minister of Electricity & Energy

   Dr. Salih Hasan SUMIYA


Minister of Endowments & Guidance

   Hamud Muhammad ABAD


Minister of  Expatriates Affairs

  Mujahid al-QAHALI


Minister of Finance

   Sakhir Abbas al-WAJIH


Minister of Communications and Information Technology

   Dr. Ahmad Ubayd BIN DAGHIR


Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation

   Farid Ahmad MUJAWWAR


Minister of Technical Education & Vocational Training

   Dr. Abd al-Hafiz NUMAN


Minister of Culture

   Abdallah Awabil MANTHUQ


Minister of Transport

   Waid Abdullah BA THIB


Minister of Human Rights

   Huriya Ahmad MASHUR


Minister of Local Administration

   Ali al-YAZIDI


Minister of State

   Shayif Azi SAGHIR


Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs

   Jawhara Hamud THABIT


Minister of State

   Muhammad Saeed ZAFIR



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