Who's Who....

In the Embassy

Who's Who...

In the Republic of Yemen



Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak


   Adel Alsunaini


Defense Attaché
Staff BG, Mohammed Zeid Ibrahem
Cultural Attaché

Dr. Fahd Al-Shaebi

Press Attaché


 Mohammed Al-Basha


 First secretary, Political Officer

Amatalsalam Alshami


Second secretary, Financial & Administrative Officer


  Wael Al-Shehary 


Second secretary, Human Rights Officer

Asmaa Katah


  Second Secretary, Congressional Officer


 Naif Toaiman


Third secretary, Consulate Affairs Officer

Malak Abdulhamid

Third Secretary, NGO's & NESA Officer

Safaa Hady


Third secretary, Economic & Commercial  Officer,


Abdulrahman Al-eryani

Assistant to the Consulate Affairs  Officer

Ali Omairan

Information & Security Officer

Abdulmajid Al-Shehari


Assistant to Chargé d'affaires

Zeyneb Khehmoune


Assistant to the Financial & Administrative Officer

Malika Bendoumali


 Assistant to the Culture Attaché


  Oginy Ibrahim
Assistant to the Defense Attaché

Mouna Saad



To contact a department, just click on the appropriate title from the top list.

Field Marshall Abdu Rabu Mansour HADI
President of the Republic of Yemen




Speaker of the House



Prime Minister


Minister of Interior



Minister of Planning and International Cooperation



Minister of Information



Minister of Foreign Affairs


Minister of Youth and Sports



Minister of Legal Affairs



Minister of Education



Minister of Social Securities and Civil Services


Minister of State for Parliament and Shoura Affairs



Minister of Defense



Minister of Public Health and Population


Minister of Trade & Industry



Minister of Fisheries




Minister of Justice


Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research


Minister of Labor and Social Affairs


Minister of Tourism

   Pending Appointment


Minister of Public Works, Urban Development


Minister of Water and Environment


Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources



Minister of Electricity & Energy


Minister of Endowments & Guidance


Minister of  Expatriates Affairs

Minister of Finance



Minister of Communications and Information Technology



Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation



Minister of Technical Education & Vocational Training



Minister of Culture


Minister of Transport



Minister of Human Rights



Minister of Local Administration



Minister of State



Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs



Minister of State




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