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It is necessary for non-Yemeni passport holders to obtain an entry Visa to go to Yemen whether the trip is for tourism or business nature.




Visa requirements for US passport holders and US residents:


1) Download and Complete the Visa Application Form. (PDF) or (JPEG)
2) Provide and send over the original passport which must be valid for at least six months after the date of the intended departure to Yemen.
3) Two recent colored photographs. (Passport size photos) 
4) For Business Visa requests: a letter from employer in Yemen must be provided.
5) For Student Visa requests: a Letter of Acceptance from the institution in Yemen must be provided. It should indicate the Type and Duration of study.
6) Pre-paid self-addressed Express Mail return envelope. (FedEx, UPS, DHL & Priority mail are not accepted)
7) Doctor's letter confirming the absence of any contagious or communicable diseases
8) If the applicant is under the age of 18 both the mother's and father's approval must be provided in a letter signed and observed by the Notary Public.
9) The Minimum Processing Time is (4 Weeks) if approved from Yemen.


Visa fees are paid through a MONEY ORDER payable to "The Embassy of Yemen". Single entry (3 months) charge $35 and for Multiple entry (6 months) charge $65.  For expedited issuance add $30 processing fees.
Note:  For fee exemption, individuals holding dual citizenship from Yemen & the U.S. are required to provide some form of Yemeni Identification. 


Additional Requirements For Non-US passport Holders and Travel Document Holders:


1) It is important to obtain a previous approval from the Passport and Immigration Department in Yemen.
2) Copy of Permanent Green Card Or Documents Of A Legal Status in The US.
3) Original Letter From Employer.


Please Note:

- Only Money Orders are accepted.

- Yemeni Nationals carrying non-Yemeni passport are exempted from visa fees if the Yemeni national ID is presented.  


Note: Some of the Forms available for download require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your system. To download the free Acrobat Reader or to learn more, please go here.


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